Tuesday 25 June 2024

KPN Pharma co.;ltd pharma was founded in 1992 by Kongphat THAVITHAM.
At the beginning our company could produce 25 pharmaceutical products for the local market and for export to neighbour countries.
In 2009 a new production facility was built with technical help and support from Thailand and Vietnam.
Our factory is a model pharmaceutical factory in laos. inaugurated by the prime minister and official of the Lao PDR our factory has received the ISO 9001:2008 & GMP from URS certification system. Today KPN Pharma co.;ltd can produce more than 60 products such as Flusa, Galno, Herolmycin, Roben, paracetamol...
KPN Pharma is also the manufacturer of LAO STAR organic tea and GOLD DEER ointments.

In 2010 a new step was made with the Creation of KPN Tapioca.
KPN Tapioca is only the second opened tapioca processing factory in Laos and the only 100% privately owned tapioca factory in the country.
Today KPN Tapioca is producing Grade A high quality Tapioca for export worldwide and Local use.
In the future KPN Tapioca is planning to make new investment to increase its production capacity to meet an always growing demand of tapioca starch and tapioca products.