Friday 19 April 2024

Our products

Tapioca starch that is produced from tapioca roots in Laos is known as natural non-GMO product. Tapioca starch produced from KPN tapioca factory is praised as high quality, high grade product suitable for every application that requires consistency, cleanliness and high viscosity. We manufacture starch from fresh root using the advanced machinery, closely controlled by our experienced workers are dedicated quality assurance team.
our main products are: conventional native tapioca starch and Organic tapioca starch.


Our tapioca Starch can be packed in 25Kg, 30Kg, 50Kg PP bags and 850Kg jumbo PP Woven fabric bags.
We can also print the bags according to customer requirement and designs.

Quality standard

KPN tapioca native starch meet international quality standards. Our professional staff closely monitor the entire chain of process from the planting to the end product. We are working hard to improve our starch for a better result and to achieve a high quality product suitable for any requirement by the customer.

Parameterstandard values
Moisture13% max
Whiteness90% min
Ash0.3% max
Black spot6unit/Cm2 max
Starch content85% min
Viscosity650B.U min
SO230PPM max


KPN Tapioca can arrange different loading conditions and shipping according to customers requirements such as delivery to the factory or destination port.